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Panel 2 | Small rounded dado rail

13,00 €/m | Flex 21,50 €/m

200 x 3.8 x 1.8 cm

Small, rounded profile dado rail / panel moulding

This panel moulding features a symmetrical, rounded profile making it a timeless choice for both modern built and classic style homes. The soft curls and plain, minimalistic design brings texture to any wall as a simple dado rail, a ceiling astragal or wall panels. Combine with our curved dado rail corner 2c, ornamental 2cd corner piece or 2d decorative piece to create an elegant finish to your wall or ceiling frames. The dado rail is also available with cable channel, which we stock in small quantities. This is a bespoke product, please contact customer services if you wish to order this model.

Also suitable for use as a door frame.
"Mounting package 1" for smaller quantities and "Mounting package 3" for larger quantities. | We recommend always using a handsaw with Flex mouldings.

Decoration solution that checks all the boxes

Recycable - Sustainable - Water and shock resistant - Paintable - Flexible - Superior quality