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Ceiling centre roses really liven up your ceiling and add the ultimate finishing touches to your interior design. Accentuate your lighting with complementary rosette and tile mouldings that visually increase the beauty of the whole room.

Complete your interior with decorative ceiling roses and tiles. Adding a centre rose is a surprisingly easy way of turning a plain ceiling into something interesting.

Get a special look to your room with Wallark ceiling roses and tiles, that include a sleek, modern design, as well as a more decorative yet subtle floral design perfect for every Nordic style home.

These elements are not just decorative, as they can also hide cables, wires and imperfections. Wallark ceiling roses are made of a high quality, lightweight polyurethane material. They are incredibly easy to install using adhesives, and are finished with a white primer ready for a final coat of paint.

Decorative ceiling elements can break up and balance large ceiling surfaces and add a visually interesting effect to a plain ceiling. They compliment a ceiling with our beautiful cornice and coving designs.

The possibilities of these deco elements are endless. You can let your imagination run wild, because rosettes can also be used on wall decorations. A beautiful centre piece creates an elegant ambiance in a room and showcases your light fittings to their best advantage.