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Make your walls come to life with dado rails and panel mouldings. Wallark lightweight wall panel mouldings offer endless possibilities to combine elements, and create charming spaces for finished, high-quality look. It’s time to get inspired!

Decorative dado rails and panel mouldings are a great way to give your room an elegant and timelessly beautiful character. They can be used to create a true eye-catcher, adding every kind of architectural details to plain walls and ceilings.

Wallark dado rails are designed to enhance the timeless beauty of Nordic interiors. The plain, elegant profiles are inspired by classical styles to suit minimalistic tastes. They are a subtle design choice that make a big impact in period properties and new builds alike.

Chair rails were originally used to protect walls against knocks and marks from the backs of chairs. Nowadays they have a much more wider application, a modern purpose for creating interior elegance.

Architectural mouldings can be used as multi-functional elements for a whole range of applications. You can create attractive panelling or frames on the walls and ceilings for decorative and functional purposes, including wainscoting, ceiling astragals, picture rails, or combine with our skirting boards to create tall skirting designs.

Our dado rails and mouldings are a great alternative to wooden mouldings. Wallark dado rails and panel moulds are lightweight, waterproof, easy to install and ready to paint.

Style your interior with dado rails and wall panels that enhance skirting and coving beautifully. Combining well-chosen skirting, panelling and coving elements are sure to make an individual and memorable impression.