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Achieve an elegant transition from wall to ceiling with cornice mouldings with a visually interesting effect. Wallark designs include many styles and sizes, all ensuring beautiful, high-quality finishings to your space effortlessly.

Complete your interior with a dynamic transition from wall to ceiling with our cornice mouldings. Wallark cornices and covings are perfect for timeless Nordic style interior solutions, valuing high-quality and durability.

Adding cornice is a subtle change that can make a big impact to the visual look and ambience of a room. Mouldings come with a double advantage. The cornices and covings are a type of decorative architectural element, that can also hide cracks and imperfections.

Give your interior a visually interesting effect by complementing the original style of the property, or creating interesting contrasts to enrich any interior. Different design periods have introduced all sorts of coving styles and preferences, from classical, Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras to the 30’s art deco look. Modern contemporary designs of today can create a more minimalistic, sleek and sharp look.

Wallark high-quality cornices and covings are made of high-density polymer. Compared to the traditional materials, our modern materials and manufacturing methods come with significant advantages, allowing everyone to enjoy quality mouldings. Purotouch makes all our covings lightweight, durable, easy to install with adhesives, and ready for painting. They can also be used in exterior applications and damp environments.

Our lightweight cornice and coving range includes large as well as medium-sized and small profile designs suitable for different types of spaces and ceiling heights. All of our cornices are finished with a white primer and are ready for installation using our specialist adhesive and tool products.