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WallArk with Bloomy Interiors 🌸 | By Riikka Laitinen

huhtikuu 13, 2024 1 min reading

Kauniit sisustuslistat Bloomy Interiorsin Riikan suunnittelemana

Decorating mouldings are a great way to update your interior. Often combined with the right paint colour, they add dignity to a room and have a positive effect on the overall mood of the room. When designed correctly, they are a very beautiful and elegant part of the interior.

They are also relatively easy to install yourself. In our cottage in Hanko, we installed the mouldings ourselves. You will find a detailed installation guide here.

It is usually a good idea to use a professional to design your interior mouldings. Using an interior designer for your mouldings will ensure a cohesive and professional look. It is the designer's job to understand proportions and the heights and widths of mouldings need to be carefully considered to achieve the best possible result. Functional aspects such as the opening of cupboard doors also need to be considered.

For a harmonious result, it is important that the dado rails match well with skirting boards, coving and ceiling roses. The style of mouldings is influenced not only by personal preference, but also by the date of construction of the home and the rest of the interior. The designer will provide the installer with dimensional drawings of the mouldings, which will also make it very easy to transfer quantities to the order.

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