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WallArk - How it all started

helmikuu 16, 2023 1 min reading

WallArk Interiors est. 2018


We are a Helsinki-based company and our name WallArk is a combination of the words 'wall' and 'architecture'. Our timeless interior design elements are made with passion and professionalism, because for us it’s important that a beautiful home is easy to achieve.
WallArk was founded upon a simple realization there was no such skirting concept that is both timelessly elegant and meets modern demands. That is why we invented one. 
We started by looking for a factory that could supply us with the most ecologically produced products that would meet modern standards. Our Western European factory has been pioneering the use of innovative materials since 1950. The entire production process, from design to manufacture, takes place in Belgium and all designs are protected.

As the market leader in high quality and technological interior design, they have made significant investments to reduce our carbon footprint. Much of the energy needed to manufacture the products comes from the sun and all production is done using renewable energy. All extruded polystyrene products are 100% recyclable and none of our products contain toxic gases, CFCs or HCFCs. Waste material is recovered and used to make new products.

Our collection is curated with the help of interior design professionals, as we didn't want the range to be too broad, yet everything had to fit together. We started developing our online store in 2017, which we launched in spring of 2018. There are no similar products available in other online stores in Finland. Originally, we had 23 products in our range. Over the years, we have added new products and materials to our range, so we now have a total of 35 different products. We also wanted to make our products more accessible, so in autumn 2021 we moved our warehouse to Kamppi, near the centre of Helsinki. In the of summer 2022 we found a suitable showroom space right next to our warehouse and decided to open our first showroom there. Our showroom is located at Lönnrotinkatu 39 b and our warehouse at Lönnrotinkatu 43 b.

We hope that our central location will serve you, our customers, in the best possible way!

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